About Us

         KARKAN Auto Parts Co., Ltd. (MARKAN) is mainly engaged in Mercedes-Benz and BMW auto parts business. It is a full-car parts sales company and is committed to expanding the global sales system of the aftermarket. Although we have a complete supply chain system, we still integrate and optimize it continuously to create a more complete product library for our customers. At the same time, MARKAN will also develop new products to improve its product line based on the market changes and customer needs. Apart from specializing in products, our company also attaches great importance to the customer's sense of purchasing experience and service convenience. Therefore, in 2018, MARKAN launched a new procurement system that facilitates the customer's purchasing process and continuously improves service levels.
          Our aim is to allow customer to complete their procurement with minimal effort and time; to solve complicated procurement problems for all our customers who looking for Mercedes-Benz and BMW accessories. One-stop service makes purchasing simpler.
            MARKAN has obtained exclusive rights for the SVEN auto parts brand of SVEN OF SWEDEN in Sweden – European exclusive high-quality auto parts sales right in China.

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